I’m not just on WordPress…

Like any other college student nowadays, I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn, among other websites that I’m sure I’m forgetting. I would be on MySpace, but who the fuck uses MySpace anymore? I had initially made an account at my sister’s behest sometime near the end of my high school career and deleted it a month before I started college. There was, literally, no point in creating that account; I didn’t have internet at home. And even if I did, I’m pretty damn sure I would’ve spent my time on RuneScape, working on my Cooking and Fishing levels instead.

So, MySpace aside, Facebook was my first, non-game-related account where I was expected to interact with people. In college (or at least in my university), everyone has a Facebook account. You find people through Facebook, chat with them, realize that you have similar interests, and, occasionally, creep on people together (protip: setting your pictures to “friends only” will reduce the creep-ability of your profile). Of course, because I was so unused to being online and not playing something, I got sucked into apps like FarmVille and Restaurant City. It certainly didn’t help that nearly everybody else was also into those apps at the time. Eventually, I stopped playing the apps…and then, my university decided that Facebook was too mainstream and shelled out what I’m guessing is a literal ton of money (because they have a tendency to do stuff like that) and got OrgSync. Sadly, nobody cares about OrgSync, it being a thinly veiled Facebook knock-off with a paint job and an even clunkier user interface, something that I didn’t think was possible on the original. Facebook is alright to connect with everyone you want as well as everyone you’d rather not but are forced to accept their request to become “friends” or have to deal with an awkward “well-we-see-each-other-everyday-but-I-don’t-care-for-you-much” situation. It’s even worse in a university where the population is barely in the 1000s, trust me.

But I don’t find myself on Facebook as much anymore and that’s because of Tumblr. I don’t have to be “social” on Tumblr and pester or be pestered as I scroll down the page. I do have a Twitter, but it exists for the same reason that my YouTube channel does: I cannot be bothered to keep track of everything that I like and subscribe to manually. Oddly enough, people follow me in all three mediums even though my Twitter feed is primarily used as a place for me to vent at work if I need it and my YouTube channel has zero original content uploaded. Hell, even my Tumblr isn’t “original”; I just reblog things that I like and only very rarely do I write something (and when I do, I feel like an attention whore of sorts). I get that it’s a microblog of sorts, but it seems to be more geared towards pictures and videos, as well as clipped commentaries if you can manage to keep it short enough so that the actual entry doesn’t seem too long. I don’t know, I feel that if I’m going to write something, it’s going to be long, rambly, and it’s going to need a traditional blog format. I don’t do “short” and “not convoluted” and Tumblr’s system does not suit my needs in this area. There are plenty of cats and other sorts of things that get me fangirling, but alas it is not suited to my prose.

It’s already been a week since I’ve made this blog. I didn’t plan to be writing anything this summer, but I’m already glad that I’ve started this venture and I’m rather curious as to how far I’m going to go here. Maybe I’ll be followed, maybe it’ll be like speaking to a wall. Either way, I’m just gonna keep on keeping on.


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