Housesitting, day four…

Okay, so it’s Wednesday and, more importantly, it’s Day Four of accidental babysitting. I made waffles this morning, as planned, though the arrival of pancakes from the kids’ mom was rather unprecedented, though not unwelcome. My waffles turned out a bit, erm, darker than I expected. But, hey! Not bad for a first go with the waffle iron, right? I dressed mine up with whipped cream, syrup, and bananas for a delicious, though unbalanced, breakfast. As for my charges…well, I liked them, so who cares?

Anyway, made my way through the member introductory tasks in RuneScape and I’ve already completed a few of the quests. I’m rather enjoying the access to things that I wasn’t allowed to use before, like members-only servers, abilities, and items. Take the Artisan’s Workshop in Falador, for example; I can finally use something other than bronze ingots to make mine cart tracks, which means more smithing experience while still not having to mine the metal myself. It’s awesome! What’s not so awesome is not being able to do most of the fun stuff because my members-only skills are low-level and because I haven’t invested any time into completing any tasks–

And I just found out that I can’t complete a steel track all the way because my smithing is level 59, not 60. Dammit. Oh, well. I need to go even further anyway in order to complete a task for Lumbridge anyway, it doesn’t matter.

Other than that, it’s been fairly quiet, as expected of a Wednesday afternoon. The cats have been prowling about the house, as usual, and the dog has been napping, also usual. The kids are entertaining themselves, as they should. I’m only here to mind all of the other living things in this house, not play Bozo the clown to a bunch of children. They’ve got plenty of things to keep them occupied, though I can probably think of a few things if need be. I did my laundry, washed the dishes, still need to put them away, and managed to sweep the debris from the driveway. Still looks as though the biggest task in front of me is going to be weeding the garden, but I’ll tackle it bit by bit as I am wont to do. Maybe if everyone behaves, I’ll order Pizza Hut or something on Friday. It’ll be a nice surprise, I’m sure.

Perhaps I do possess some kind of nurturing instinct…how frightening.


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