Housesitting, day six…

Let’s keep this short, sweet, and bitchy shall we? I may have the ability to hold my tongue, but I have my limits and they have been breached. I made some pizza, weeded the garden, tried to ride a bike (and failed), and then spent the rest of my time in RuneScape completing yet more quests despite the irritating attention grabbing tactics of people who lack the social skills need to decipher universal “fuck off, mate, I’m kind of busy here” body language. After that, I left to my folks’ place to have dinner after not having seen them for the past week or so with only one person left behind in the house. I then returned, back to three little boys who seem to be under the impression that I’m to be responsible for them. Again, getting real tired of your shit, you little shits. Real tired.

Because I’m tired, I’m going to bed. Hopefully, the living room won’t be a complete and utter sty after the lads finish up their Captain America movie marathon, though I somehow doubt it as they seem incapable of basic human courtesy, what with their penchant of leaving doors opened and TVs turned all the way up. For me, it’s a valuable lesson learned: don’t be polite, gracious, and tactful because some people are assholes who will use you to do their damn jobs, like actually raise their fucking kids for them because being some kind of cross between a homemaker and a deadbeat is apparently too stressful for them without having to mind your own children too. I’m done being nice here because I know I’m not gonna be properly recompensed for it, so fuck it. It’s my blog and I’ll bitch if I want to. At least the dog, cats, and plants will be looked over, ’cause that’s what I was actually brought on to do.

Maybe I’ll feel more amicable and tolerant in the morning. Or maybe certain people will get utterly humiliated and finally told to piss off to their own abodes and stop mooching off of their oblivious grandmother. Should be fun either way, as far as I can tell. Got some kind of good news, though: supposedly, the boss returns either tomorrow or the next day, meaning that I won’t have to stay here for very much longer. I obviously am beyond caring at this point. I just want to go home, where I can do as I please and not have to answer to people with boundary issues and a severe lack of social skills. If I never have to interact with this particular group of people ever again in my entire life, it will be all too fucking soon. Good night.


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