This is what happens when I have disposable income…

It’s easy to forget that I actually maintain a blog, as I’ve finally done the unthinkable and spent the $10 for a month-long membership on RuneScape. As the summer’s end creeps ever closer, I figured that I may as well go out with a bang and splurge on a bunch of pixels. It goes without saying that I am determined to get my whole month’s worth, hence the slight bit of neglect here.

Now, RuneScape as a free-to-play game is not bad…until you run out of quests and find yourself stuck at the last two tasks in order to get a huge upgrade to your Explorer’s Ring. Seriously, I had been just dragging out completing the “smith a mithril platebody” and “craft 100 water runes at once with no boosts” for about a year now just because I didn’t have the levels needed to actually do­ them. Is it my fault that Smithing and Runecrafting are some of more boring skills to train in free-to-play worlds? I think the only skill that is more sleep-inducing is Agility, which seems a bit weird. How can getting the ability to go farther on your limited run energy in order to do more stuff possibly be boring? By making the only way to train it be with running the same damn obstacle course over and over again, that’s how.

Agility aside, there are more than a couple other skills that are available to members only: Herblore, Thieving, Fletching, Farming, Slayer, Hunter, Construction, and Summoning. So far, the skill that I’ve been focusing on the most is Fletching, as the ability to make my own ammunition is pretty damn appealing to someone that uses a longbow even when it makes no sense to do so. Maybe that’s why I’m looking forward to that Evolution of Combat thing (would it be weird to call it an expansion?) that’s coming out later this year. I’ve seen the demo; I’m pretty excited! Give me a reason to actually seek cover, Jagex, instead of tanking as a ranger-type and actually being effective because of my high Defense.

I blame my need to balance when I level up; I find myself unable to focus on one combat style (either melee, ranged, or magic) for fear of becoming weak to its opposite (magic, melee, and ranged, respectively). All of my combat skills are around the same level, except for Magic (which is higher because napalming goblins with fire spells is strangely cathartic) and Prayer (which is lower because fuck Prayer). Now, as a member, my Summoning level comes into play when calculating my combat level, but I don’t really summon familiars at all so I just make the pouches and then destroy them in order to get more coins to do it all over again. It’s just another way for me to train my Magic, which is a pretty damn useful skill, maybe even overpowered.

My favorite members only skill would have to be Farming though, hands down. I mean, I love Cooking and Fishing and I’m not ashamed to admit that these two are my highest skills, so why not cut out the middleman when I’m making anchovy pizzas and grow my own tomatoes? I can then make my own cheese, all of the pizza bases I want, and fish all of the anchovies myself without having to rely on someone selling stuff in bulk. I cook the pies, sell them on the Grand Exchange, and everything I earn is profit. For the most part, anyway; there’s still to cost of tomato seeds to consider, though I can offset that by selling the assload of compost that I tend to make unintentionally. I may just consider buying membership cards more often, as the number of recipes that are available to me have increased dramatically. I can make baked potatoes now! I can fish for sharks! But I should save that for later.

Long story short: RuneScape is alright overall until you actually shell out the cash for a membership. Then, it can be freaking amazing if you enjoy the game to begin with and you found that there wasn’t enough stuff to do on a free account except grind, grind, grind.


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