So, you want to spread your love to the world…

Alright. I know I can be pissy and whiny when it comes to a lot of things, but this subject in particular is one of the most irritating to me. I get the feeling that people have when they experience something that nobody around them seems to have seen or heard of before; I can understand that when people get excited, they feel as though they must absolutely share their discovery ASAP. But here’s something that usually gets tossed by the wayside: basic manners.

It’s one thing to show me something that I’ve never seen before, but it’s another completely different thing when you keep on shoving it in my face and going “C’mooonnn, check it ouuuut” sounding like some kind of cross between a cow and a person. Trust me, it’s not that I didn’t hear you, it’s just that I’m not interested, thank you very much, and you should put that thing away before I snatch it out of your hands and snap it in half in front of your soon-to-be-sobbing face. Perhaps this is why I choose to keep certain things to myself more often than not, unless someone asks because, hey, they asked and should bear whatever consequences their curiosity has brought to bear. I choose to restrain myself from fangirling all over the place until I can get a feel for my audience’s reception to whatever I’m feeling particularly passionate about. It’s only polite.


So, right, examples: I’ve seen Sherlock, the Avengers, and just a couple minutes of Doctor Who. Like it, love it, and what the fuck am I missing here? Now, did anyone need to know that? Not really, but I’d like to think that it’s out there in an unoffensive, sufficiently toned down manner that shouldn’t (shouldn’t) bring a bunch of people either praising me for my choice in the finest television has to offer or lambasting me for not knowing the joy and wonder that is [insert something here].


I suppose that’s the irritant to end all irritants, isn’t it? There are fans, who legitimately enjoy their series or what have you, and then there are fans, the type of people that your mother warns you about before you go to bed every night. I get that you like it, but please don’t forcibly shove your love down my throat. So I didn’t like what your precious, precious series had to offer! It was either confusing or excessively long or boring (which is indeed a possibility) and no manner of you making me sit down on the couch and forcing me to watch the damn thing is going to covert me. Seriously, some people can be more zealous than the Catholic Church when it comes to getting more people to be just like them and that’s saying a lot. If your fandom has somehow beaten a religion that has not shied away from declaring warfare, persecuting people, and making shit up at times, then congratu-freakin’-lations, there is definitely something wrong with what you do.


That’s not to say that I’m not entirely unreceptive to new things; after all, they can’t all be crazies, right? It’s just that the loudest voices also seem to be the craziest from among their own. I can only imagine the more toned-down fans hiding their own interest in order to not be associated to “those people”, i.e. the ones who take it too far and can’t seem to leave certain people alone. I know this is a bit of a dead horse, but does anyone remember the visceral reaction everyone seemed to have to Twilight when it was first announced that it was getting a movie version? There were people that were all “Oh, cool, something to accompany the movie.” And then, there were those people, who adamantly declared that everyone who hadn’t read Twilight and loved every word was going to Hell (or equivalent; I’m sure that people of many different faiths liked the book to this extreme).


I suppose that the point I’m trying to make here is that, yes, you love that, whatever that’s supposed to be. If I happen to love it already, then great! We’ll have something to talk about. If I don’t, then go about it in this recommended manner: either a) politely point me in the right direction, with not more than a nudge along my way or b) bring it up once, see if I bite at the bait, and then don’t mention it until I’ve seen what you have seen so we can squeal at how incredibly attractive Benedict Cumberbatch is and how homoerotic the fanart can get. The biggest “don’t” is getting up on your soapbox, raining fire and brimstone at me just because your series is complex and slightly boring, all things considered. Just shut up and explain it; at that point, that’s going to be your best bet for me to at least find it, and you, more tolerable.


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