There’s something to be said about off-brands…

And I’m not talking about the generic, in-store brands that are obviously not the “usual”. I’m talking about the brands that try to not only offer the same product as the more expensive competition but go so far as to put it in a similarly colored package, the mascots eerily similar to one another. How can you tell that they’re not the same? The back of the cereal box is a rather strident difference.

A classic staple of the breakfast experience for the growing child, the back of a cereal box is generally half of the reason to even purchase that particular kind of sugary puff in the first place. The other half is, of course, the sugary puff in question. But the back of the box, a place that’s usually filled with puzzles and things, right? Well, I think I’ve found the most depressing cereal box ever and it’s one of those off-brands. The back details only the joys of meteorology, which I’m sure is fun in and of itself, in the form of several blocks of text.

Now, given the mascot on the front, this particular product is targeted towards young children; the cartoonish gecko-thing on the front says as much. So why not present the subject matter in a way that could appeal to kids, like a puzzle or maybe some bright, colorful doppler radar images that they would then have to decipher. Something, anything, other than a chunk of words that cannot hope to reach hyper little kids in the morning.

Then again, who am I to talk about blocks of text? Who am I to talk about anything?


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