Blame Labor Day…

So, I know it’s Monday and I know I said I’d update Sundays and shit like that, but you know what? This Sunday was bad, just terrible. And by “terrible”, I mean that I did pretty much nothing. You know why? Because it’s Labor Day weekend. That’s right; already, just a week into school and we already have our first holiday. Fan-fucking-tastic.

So, yeah, what did I do? I went “shopping”. Honestly, I just went to go buy more filler paper to organize the binder that I’m hoping to keep up for the entire semester, but we’ll see how long that lasts. I got swimming goggles, which I didn’t use at all yesterday because I’m an idiot and I left them on my desk. I’m not sure how good of a brand Olympia is, but you know what? They came in a fucking plastic case. They look legit. They look green and legit, but the only other alternative was getting the pink ones and that shit isn’t happening.

So, yeah, shopping. I got a bit of tea from this local coffee place. Really good. I think it was “something vanilla”. It’s just a black tea that had some vanilla oils in it. But you know what I really hate? Not “hate”; hate is a strong word. What I really dislike? Leaving the tea leaves in too long. Because it was really hot; it is tea after all, freshly brewed and shit. ‘Course it’s supposed to be hot! But I took a whiff of it and it was like “Oh my god, vanilla~!” I love vanilla. It’s just an intoxicating, almost sensual scent. And then I walked my happy little ass from the coffeeshop all the way to my apartment to, you know, just let the tea cool down before I drink it. I took a sip when I got back to my place and all I could taste was grass.

What happened to the delicate, seductive vanilla? It got smothered and it was all because I left the tea leaves in too long! So, maybe I should stick to heartier blends or something and ignore the nice, delicate scents and oils, but that’s half the fun for me! I mean, I didn’t say that it tasted awful and it was black tea. It was early in the morning and it was just what I needed. Because, don’t get me wrong, coffee’s alright but tea…tea is nice. Tea is warm, gentle, soothing. Coffee is robust, bold, and kinda tends to give you a swift kick in the pants instead of a soft “Good morning, beautiful” murmured sleepily in your ear and a soft peck on the lips. That’s tea.

Also, the tea was cheaper. I’d rather have a large tea than a large coffee, to be honest.

But yeah. Shopping, and then my roommate and I went swimming at our school pool because you know what? I’m paying tuition out the ass, might as well use the freaking facilities. Swimming with someone who used to swim for a living though…you’d think it’d be intimidating but not really. She does her thing, I do my thing. Her thing just happens to be doing handstands underwater and kick her legs up high and actually eggbeat, just to keep herself floating effortlessly. And my shit’s just kinda like “Look at me, I’m doing a doggy paddle!” I’m working on it, I swear. Something I wanna work on is learning how to properly swim.

You can tell the difference just by looking at us, really; she has a legit one piece and the swim cap, goggles, even a freaking nose clip. Me? I’m usually decked out in basketball shorts and a T-shirt. Correction: a pair of shorts and a T-shirt that I really don’t care about. I’m not sure if the pool uses chlorine and my roomie thinks that they actually use some kind of salt instead just because the pool water looks really, really clear and pretty, but you know what? I’m not gonna risk it. I’m just gonna use one of the many promo shirts that I’ve gotten throughout my years here at the university. Go Tigers!

So, yeah, that was fun. Afterwards, we decided to come back, ditch our swimming gear. Of course, I use the word “gear” for my stuff very loosely. I actually used that dryer in the locker room to dry my things properly this time; the last time we went swimming, I forgot and, my gods, did my backpack feel heavy! But, yeah, we did that and then decided to check out the block party-ish thing that our department of recreation decided to host. I mean, it was alright…if you were in a bathing suit and decided to flaunt it around. But I had changed back into my jeans by then so I was just “Let’s do the obstacle course! It’s the least wet thing to do around here.” So, we did that, we tossed some beanbags (she beat me by one damn bag, the athletic jerk). We tossed some kind of string thing with two balls attached to each end or whatever. I think they’re called bolos or something? The point of the game was that you had this thing you were aiming at, which had three colored bars, and you had to throw that whatchamacallit in such a way that it actually wound around one of the bars and then stayed there. I was better at those than the bean bags.

There were hot dogs. And, yes, I know that the weiner part of the hot dog isn’t really Paleo per se, but they were free, so it was just a slight infraction of my rules. Just don’t eat the hot dog bun too, no biggie. There was live music…I still don’t know the name of the band, but they had a nice reggae feel to them. I dunno, it just fit the mood they were going for, that kind of lazy Sunday afternoon in the park.

There was a volleyball tournament, there was a beer garden, which was pretty awesome, except for the fact that I turn 21 in less than two weeks, so I couldn’t partake of the free booze. I was able to enjoy it from afar, I suppose. Although on second thought, that was probably for the best because, I don’t know, the people that were in the beer garden, despite this being a relatively small school, where people I have definitely never seen before. They also seemed like the kind of people you don’t pass out in front of, for fear of waking up several hours with a penis drawn on your face in permanent marker. If I ever get drunk–no, wait, when I get drunk, ’cause it’s an inevitability, really. But when I do get drunk, I’d like to be around people that I can trust with my life and my face. I want to feel safe with them, just in case shit goes down, y’know?

But, honestly, how drunk can you get off of three beers? It may have been free booze, but it was provided by the same people that serve beer in our cafeteria of sorts, and there’s a limit to how much you can drink there before they say you’re done. I can see why they do it, to stop people from making complete asses of themselves, but let’s face it: the motivating factor is most likely reducing the cost of keeping the bar stocked or something. I’m not sure, I’m not an Econ major.

The whole event seemed to be a bit thrifty, to put it nicely. Picture a gigantic soccer field and most of the attractions were on the perimeter of said field, spaced widely apart, leaving a giant, empty, grassy space in the middle. It looked like a donut. It was it’s own kind of fun, really; I got a free pair of sunglasses, so I can’t complain. But, hey, a little bit more effort next time, okay guys? Maybe a few more tents, a crap-ton more water, something other than hot dogs and pretzels to offer…these are all things that could’ve been planned out a bit farther back is all I’m saying. I know it’s not easy to plan shit like this; it’s what most clubs have to struggle with when they want to put on a public event. But if you’re the school’s student body office and, what’s more, the part of said office that’s in charge of putting on events like this to entertain students, don’t give me a slapdash event. It’s just insulting, given your budget and the fact that you do absolutely nothing else. Stuff like this is your sole purpose as an organization and you’re just embarrassing yourself with mediocrity.

After that, I actually took a nap, which never happens. I don’t do naps. When I’m awake, I’m awake, I’m good to go for the day. But just swimming and walking and tossing beanbags with the sun at its peak…I was tired. Tired, but content. It was a strange feeling. I know I get tired from doing my usual thing everyday, but that’s at night, when it’s close to bedtime, and I can just get into my pajamas, slip underneath the covers, and go to sleep until the morning, feeling as though my day is already complete. Nononono, this was around three-thirty, four o’ clock, peak productivity time for me. Okay, maybe not “peak”, but I could’ve still done shit and it would be daytime outside, you know what I mean?

Other than that, the day turned to night eventually. I fell asleep early after making some headway in this book about transgender people in history that I’m reading. I want to actually finish it and then turn it in because it’s really interesting and I’ve already finished the other book I’ve checked out from the resource center, a compilation of various lesbian pulp fiction excerpts from 1950-1965. Very compelling, flowery stuff, if you catch my drift. Why? Because I’ve overestimated my time again. It happens every start of the semester, when classes still haven’t ramped up to their maximum effort and I find myself with quite a bit of free time on my hands. So, what do I do? I go to the library or the resource center, anywhere with books, and grab a few thinking “I’ll have enough time to read this, no problem.” Obviously, these are all for my own leisure, books to kick back with and unwind, books to just lose myself in for a while.

But two weeks in and that leisure time is gone! I can’t read about Joan of Arc anymore or enjoy a story of a defense lobbyist whose wife really, really likes horse racing and can’t seem to understand the words “No, you’re not getting another horse because they’re $225,000” or “I’m sorry, ma’am, but Lucky Strike is going to the glue factory, get over it, you spoiled brat.” Books that aren’t textbooks are a bit of a distraction, so really, I’m just trying to finish them before my coursework does ramp up. It’s all for the sake of being more proactive. Also, I’ve started these stories already and I will be damned if I just leave them half-read like that! I just can’t bring myself to do it.

You know, I actually feel as though an A is possible this semester, despite the fact that all of my courses are Chemistry-related and “the tough core classes” of my major. I feel that, if I get distracted by a few books, then I will have definitely passed up a golden opportunity. I believe I have yet to get an A in any Chemistry courses so far and research doesn’t count. Not really, anyway.


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