Midweek drabbles, or “At least I don’t need coffee to stay awake much anymore…”

A stern note to self: You’ve got no time to be romancing, quite frankly. You need to be married to your work.

Buzzing in my head
Like so many insects. The
culprit, body spray.

And should you think that I’ve been caught
Give me no pity; I need it not.

Black streaks ‘neath my eyes,
Eyeshadow on, chapstick lips,
Fighting my own war.

(inspired by Fight Club)
I am Arlen’s throbbing vein.
I pound away when trouble’s afoot,
When something’s happening,
When someone’s stressing her out.
I pound and pound as irritation grows,
Hopefully visibly beneath the skin,
Though the only one that hears me roar is she.
I am Arlen’s throbbing vein.
(Mm…not my best. Free verse feels like cheating a bit.)

She was humming. I couldn’t hear it but we were close enough that I could feel it. She clung to me a bit like a lizard hanging onto their favorite rock, basking in the sunlight. She didn’t want to fuck, not really. But she still wanted me all the same, our limbs entwining in a comfortable mess.

(Haiku to a Potential Lover 1)
“I really like you.”
I said this once; change it to:
“I hope you’re alright.”

She kissed me almost chastely on the cheek, despite her fingers running impishly along my back. She seemed to appraise me as she hugged me, her head against my chest, her hands now gliding along my shoulders.

Mondays make me drowsy.
Tuesdays make me wait.
Wednesdays, I’m happy.
Thursdays are to celebrate.
Friday comes, I’m cozy.
Saturday, for work and play.
And Sunday? What about it?
To me, it’s just a day.

Damned glare on the floor
Scorches through my eyelids; I
can’t fall asleep. Thanks?

Biology’s sexy; look at DNA.
There’s a pair between T and A.

My mind may run away from here
(The thought of your lips on mine lingers)
Lest I bring myself back to the moment–
Focus! Back to liquids and solids;
I wonder what phase you find yourself
When (and if) your thoughts turn to me–
Nope! Can’t let you do that, dammit!
Focus! It can never be!
Were I to try, I’d surely fail,
So I’ll smile and say, “I’ll be here, okay?”
And I hope that that’s enough for me to


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