Coming to you live, with only four hours of sleep…

And with “Bliss” by Muse on repeat because it’s my current “holy-shit-this-song-GETS-me!” song. But, yeah, g’mornin’!

So, yesterday was pretty fun and the best part was that I totally didn’t plan on it going that way at all. My original script: go to work, go visit my BFF and her BF at her place of work, then go back to the Apartment and study for that exam on Wednesday. What actually happened: went to work, but then cut it short because I didn’t feel like dealing with basic bitches; had a heart-to-heart with my BFF and felt really, really good afterwards, so good that I didn’t even notice the hours just fly by; and then stayed awake until 3 a.m. playing tabletop games at a LAN party.

Gotta tell ya, I’m glad I’m a fairly flexible person.

But, yes. Work. Why do people insist on double-bagging? Here’s a secret: it does absolutely nothing. You’re basically getting another bag to soothe your fears, not to actually appreciably reinforce the wimpy, plastic bag. The force exerted on the bag remains the same, if not slightly increases because now all of your stuff is just that much more scrunched together, just to fit inside of another bag. You want to make sure your bags don’t rip? Get a reusable bag that is actually sturdy, dumbass. They’re plenty out there that are not only tough but stylish besides. Bonus: you feel even better because you’re “saving the environment” and you make yourself just that much more likable to people like me who dislike whiny customers that buy nothing but drinks and hold up the damn line. Just saying.

Of course, I dispensed none of this advice to people as they demanded their extra piece of plastic because 1) I have to be courteous; 2) again, they were holding up the entire line as it is, am I really going to take up more time to tell them off?; and 3) these are the people that probably have “The customer is always right!” on a plaque on their wall and expect people like me to bend over backwards to acquiesce. So I cut my shift short by half an hour, just to come back to my normal, pleasant self. It wasn’t that bad, but had any of my friends stopped me right after my shift as I walked back to my place, I would’ve probably had a deep scowl on my face, which would’ve have elicited a “What’s wrong?” from the more compassionate ones.

Still, I suppose it could’ve been worse; it could have been the end of the semester.

So, yeah, after that, I went to what has become my habitual weekend haunt, the Psych Lab. Usually, I just hang out with my bestie and her boyfriend as her shift goes on and on, but on this day, the BF left early. While they’re both mature, responsible adults when it comes to their relationship, my BFF’s family’s view on dating is still very much in the 1900s. They don’t seem to like it when they hang out for extended periods of time alone together, taking great pains to assign chaperones whenever necessary. And I thought my folks were bad; they looks liberal as all hell compared to my bestie’s clan, and they still refuse to acknowledge gay people as people!

We had a nice, stimulating conversation, just taking turns ranting about things that bothered us, our folks and their oddities, the changes that everyone is heir to, and then figuring what fruit we are respectively after I tried out a “people are like fruit and I happen to like fruit” metaphor to explain pansexuality.

I’m an apple, if anyone was curious. Crunchy and, supposedly, adventurous, stubborn, nuturing. Is it true? I’d like it to be and, I dunno, maybe it is.

Anyway, after they had to go home, I was wandering back to my place when a thought struck me: “I want ice cream.” So, despite ice cream not exactly being Paleo-friendly, I figured that it was the kind of day that just required ice cream and that Haagen Daaz’s all natural stuff was the least unprocessed-processed thing, so why not? But as I was walking to the little grocery store on campus, I found one of my friends, remembered that there was a LAN party, and found myself, pint of coffee ice cream in hand, heading into a den full of computers and gentlemen. And one other lady, but she was off doing her own thing, impossibly gigantic headphones on, so she didn’t notice me.

Going somewhere where you only know one person out of twelve and that person just so happens to be out getting food at the moment is kind of scary. I’m sure it would paralyze even the bravest; I know I was just awkwardly sitting there for ten minutes before thinking “Maybe if I don’t move too quickly, I can probably make it out of here with nobody the wiser.” But then I remembered: this was a LAN party, but it just so happens to also contain people who are rather fond of tabletop games. The two demographics seem to have a lot of overlap, at any rate. So, I took a chance and asked if there was anybody, anyone at all, who was playing something not-on-a-computer. Sure enough, I was pointed to the other room.

And thank goodness for that! I’m not one for Starcraft 2 or Counterstrike:Global Offensive; my laptop, as faithful as it has been in its long years of service, is just not properly equipped to handle games like that. But tabletop games? Yes please! I stumbled into the room while three people I’d never met and one person that I knew were trying to seal portals in Arkham Horror. I saw the board, the pieces, and understood none of the rules; perfect.

We ended up playing Small World, Mansions of Madness, and then played a few rounds of Magic: The Gathering by the time I realized that it was almost 3 in the morning. The biggest plot twist: I was far from tired! Usually, I check out around 10, 11 if I have something I need to finish. But 3?? Unheard of! Maybe it was the coffee ice cream. Maybe it was the efforts of trying to kill the witch before we were mauled by the Mi-Gos (spoiler alert: we got mauled by the Mi-Gos). Hell, maybe it was trying to win against people that were may more experienced with a deck that wasn’t mine. Whatever the case, it was fun! They have a LAN party every month and I know this for certain: I’m going back and this time, I’m going to bring my own Magic deck!

So, that was my weekend. How was yours?


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