Midweek drabbles, or “I just got a sketchbook! Fun fact: not using it for sketches because I can’t draw very well. Nice paper though…”

Just some observations about the people around me in class…
Dis bitch
Got some Ritz
Sitting calm as can be.

Dis other mook’s
Got his book
And is scribbling freely.

This ninny’s
Sitting pretty
Tapping his toe.

And this creep’s
Gone to sleep
Not worried, oh, no.

Just another day in Biophysical, yo.
Just another. Damn. Day.
You are
A single, rogue element,
Distrupting my entire universe.
I think I love you.
I can hardly think
(No pun intended)

You’re chaos, I’m order,
The sight of you makes me grow
Yet my feelings are a
That I must
I am your silent Sisyphus.
Ma cherie
If there is one thing
to know about me
it is simply
without you, I am empty.


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