Midweek Drabbles, or “clearly, this has nothing to do with enzymes…”

[Quick side note: I’ve already got my idea for this year’s NaNoWriMo! I’m really, really excited! Let’s just hope that I don’t become my own editor halfway through and end up not finishing because I’m cringing too much.]

As far as cars go, I’m probably a Honda: sturdy, reliable, though not the epitome of “sexy”.

There’s something about a wooden pencil that just takes me back. Back to when learning my times tables seemed almost impossible. Back before I even admitted to myself that I was a sexual being. Back to days where how big I was didn’t matter, when not shaving my legs wasn’t a statement, just “not applicable”. Back to when what I wore and who I spoke to was dictated by someone else. Y’know, the good ol’ mindless days.
I weep not for them.

My eyes were closed, my head still abuzz from the wine. I felt her sidle up to me, her cool arms embracing me. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the smaller limbs My fingers began slowly tracing over her back, reveling in the smooth, velvet expanse. She sighed happily, and then gave me a quick nip on my jaw.

She moaned, the deep, throaty sound urging me on.
She gasped, hopefully pleasantly surprised.
She growled, her fingers now digging into my hair.
She sighed, pressure released, tension escaping, nothing but bliss.

Next to a bit about electrochemistry
That’s great and all, but we’re not batteries. Like Duracell batteries. How can this be applied to us?

Sleep is powerful.
Compelling, neverending.
Just let me sleep now.

We are very sensitive systems. We inherently dislike stress.

After a particularly long derivation in Biophysical…
Don’t worry. It’s all for the sake of a pretty graph and you know I’m a sucker for pretty graphs.

Hem, haw, hum,
You irritating twit.
Chewing that gum,
Gnawing, then spit.

An example of my thought process:
New drinking game: sip when someone says something stupid.
-> Too bad I don’t have vodka…
-> Should I splurge on moscato?
-> I mean, merlot is fine, but I’m partial to white wines.
-> Maybe I should buy scotch?
-> Pricey. Save it for Winter Break.
-> Um…might not be the best idea…
-> I’ll be by myself, drinking. Not usually a “good idea”.
-> But I’m definitely having champagne this New Year’s!
-> I wonder if Jelly’ll be down for that?

Microsoft Office = n00b-status, really…

Cocaine’s on everyone’s brain,
Save mine, save mine.
I’d rather it be alcohol
To waste my time.

You’re a carnival ride;
You look like fun, but you might break down.
You’re a bottle of Pinot Grigio;
Terribly dry, an acquired taste.
You’re my favorite T-shirt;
Faded, fraying a bit at the edges,
But I’ll always slip it on, comfortable, warm.

Check in after plugging in;
You are (clearly) not a calculator.


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