I may be working the counter…

But I am not your motherfucking servant. Seriously.

Maybe it’s just because my university hosted some kind of speech and debate competition, or maybe it’s just that the high schools that actually have debate teams and shit just happen to have a higher concentration of kids with high levels of Unwarranted Self-Importance, but work was actually irritating yesterday. Sure, it’s a minimum wage job but it’s generally alright. It’s not every day that I contemplate refusing service to someone due to their obnoxiousness, though, which is saying a LOT, because this is, again, a college campus.

I dunno, it’s just the little things. The way they walked into the place, a ravenous pack on the prowl. How they just tossed a $20 to pay for something that was barely two bucks. I shit you not, I had to send the only other person there to the Mothership in order to get singles because every other person was paying with a $20. It seemed like the constant whine of “There’s no food here!” was doubled, maybe even tripled, that day. It was fucking annoying.

I guess there were a few good things that happened to me during that shift, though, the little gems that helped me finish my five hours there. I was taken as a guy multiple times, despite the fact that wasn’t even trying to pass at all. I generally refrain from expressing my masculinity fully when I’m working, as my manager and my co-workers have no idea that I’m genderfluid and maintaining a lower timbre of voice for such a long time is exhausting so I usually default to my usual, higher-pitched voice towards the end anyway. But, yeah, that made me happy.

There was also that one guy who had to have come in about four times during the course of my shift. I’m not gonna lie, he was pretty cute. Dark blonde hair, tall, lean, at least an 8.5. It pleased my aesthetics, though I didn’t feel compelled to do anything about it, except admire his bone structure (which is, really, all I do when I see people that appeal to my aesthetics only). He seems like a nice chap.

There was this girl who came in and took a peek behind the counter. I had brought in my DS, expecting it to be the usual, dull opening Saturday shift and expecting to have some time to try and raise my Pokemon before Matsuri’s event next month. We started chatting about Black and White and how I was still playing SoulSilver because I wanted to raise everyone to level 100. She just raised her eyebrows and commented that she had tried the same thing in FireRed and how it had taken almost forever to do so. Now because of her, I want to get a move on from SoulSilver and play White (or Black; apparently, the difference is relatively minor, so it’s a bit of a toss-up) before Pokemon Day.

So, yeah. TL;DR: Working with high school kids may be annoying, but it’s the little things that keep you from flipping out and breaking shit in their faces just to see them squirm. Happy Sunday!


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