Midweek Drabbles, or “well, that escalated quickly…”

“Morning.” I still had my eyes shut and a rather odd taste in my mouth as I wound my arms around the smaller frame beside me. The warm, smooth skin seemed to rise at my touch and yet, oddly enough, stiffen. I shrugged and leaned into the embrace, completely intoxicated by the scent of someone else. I sighed, feeling oddly content. Well, more so this morning than usual.

A voice growled at me. “I would let go if I were you.” My eyes snapped open.

“Alex!” I yanked my arms away from her as though scalded. I was suddenly hyper-aware of several things: we were both naked, one, in the same bed, two, and the person that we had both been attempting to romance all night was snoring softly, alone, on the other bed beside us. I picked up my clothes hurriedly and motioned to Alex to do the same and then follow me into the bathroom. Once inside, we quickly dressed; I couldn’t help but notice all of the small bruises on Alex’s body. “Did I do that? Just what the hell happened??”

“We fucked.” She stated it so simply. Then again, this was Alex we were talking about here; everything’s black and white to her, pretty much. “What else do you think happened?” She handed me a small, plastic cup of mouthwash. Well, that explained the aftertaste and the smell on my fingers. As I washed my hands, taking special care of my left, Alex scoffed at me. “You’re such a fucking lightweight. You were half-drunk on a cupcake.”

“Well, excuse me for not being a quarter Irish or whatever!” I hissed back at her. “I’m on the Paleo diet! It makes me super sensitive to alcohol, unlike some people!” Alex snorted, but then left well enough alone. We both finished waking up before exiting the bathroom as quietly as possible
Stacy was still sleeping, her face angelic, porcelain. I sighed, and Alex sighed; we were both rather taken by the petite, elvish girl, to say the least. She was light, lithe, and airy, something neither Alex nor I were, to be sure… A few flashes of last night were still rushing through my mind. I felt myself begin to blush at all of the things Alex and I did. I quickly glanced at Alex; she seemed preoccupied with the same thought, blushing and averting her eyes too.

How strange. A couple of years ago, I would’ve been ecstatic to have been allowed in the same room as Alex, let alone to drink with them, bake with them, and particularly to sleep with them. But now…nothing. I felt nothing, save a bit of embarrassment, I guess. I reached over to gently brush away a stray hair from Stacy’s face. She stirred, her usually bright, blue eyes still a bit cloudy with sleep. “Morning.”


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