Midweek Drabbles, or “It’s alright ’cause it’s nothing new…”

A ring around your sunny smile.
You probably meant for none of this to happen
But I couldn’t help but be entranced by

A wounded heart.
Battered, bruised, clearly defeated,
The blood that runs through my veins is not red but

A color that suits you so well.
It clings to your form, as royal drapes should,
In all of the ways I would have wanted to.

A sadness beyond simple blue.
Beyond despair, the feeling of a certain resignation,
The realization that you’re already happy
Without me.
I now know the meaning of
I have litter in my pockets, litter.
Litter in my pockets, glitter.
How glamorous! The life of a drone:
Unthinking, unfeeling, just carrying on.
I long for the dreary to ease one thing:
One-sided love and its shameful sting.
Sleeping, heavy, dull.
The mind is a sharp blade; its
only sheath is sleep.
I don’t
Think that we
Would, should be,
Intimately bound
You are diamagnetic to me.
Where am I to place myself,
So utterly drawn to you,
When your orbitals are occupied?
Lovers? Perhaps not.
I am only a friend.
My feelings may be dampened,
But they were never “pretend”.

Friends? I hope so.
I can be nothing more.
Though it pains me to have never
Truly noticed you before.

Strangers? Never, please.
I don’t think I’d revive.
You called me a “trooper”;
All I do is “survive”.
To the once would-be lover:
It’s great that you want to talk
But I hardly want to just talk.
If anything, I’d like to spend some time
Together. Your place or mine?
Let us talk then (or more besides);
I’ll make sure to pick up some wine.
To the overly exuberant suitor:
Look. No.
You hear me? NO.
It’s never gonna happen,
not even if I’m drunk.
(Though I’d never drink
because, y’know, shit can happen.)
Continue as you are,
for you are very nice.
As for me, you’re screwed, you see;
I’d never look at you twice.
To the lover than can never be:
You’ve made me sing and soar;
I am grateful forevermore.
I come to you, contrite,
May things between us be set right
Sitting, air a-buzz
With the sounds of a thousand
Instruments. At peace.
I caught a glimpse of you today
As you were running up the stair.
I saw a flash, I turned around;
Turns out you weren’t there.

I spotted you as I walked by,
your hair clipped from your face.
I couldn’t help but stop and think
Your eyebrows are truly marvelous.

I saw you from my periphery
Across the street, closing in.
You called, I kept walking on.
Perhaps you’d like a hint?

I saw your car parked by the curb
And smiled at the blue.
I turned my head to see
If I could have seen you too.


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