Excuse me while I stuff myself silly…

Hi, there! Now, I know that I normally wouldn’t post stuff on a Thursday, but let’s be honest: I didn’t have class at all this week (except for research, but that’s not “class” so much as “what I’ll most likely be doing for the rest of my life”) which means that I have no Midweek Drabbles to present. Sure, I still write poetry, but there’s something about lecture that makes me feel just that much more inspired to scribble a little something in the margins of my notes. Next week for sure, I promise. And hopefully they won’t sound so…emo.

But yes! It’s Thursday and, to top it off, it’s officially Thanksgiving! You know what that means: food! Mounds and mounds of food, pounds and pounds of it consumed only to end up somewhere around your middle or caressing your inner thighs. Not that that’s going to stop me from tucking into a plate of turkey and peas and whatever else I happen to find delicious. Yes, stuffing isn’t Paleo but you know what? I’m good for it. I have more than enough willpower to get back up and keep going. The stuffing and the rolls and the pie (because there will be pie, so help me!) isn’t going to stop me in my tracks or stall my progress. The only thing that can do that in this entire world is me.

Aside from the food, Thanksgiving happens to be an interesting holiday to me. Nowadays, retail stores seem to have “skipped” Thanksgiving. The most egregious example that comes to mind is how Target went from Halloween-mode, with their “spooky” decorations and bats and things, straight to Christmas-mode, nary a turkey in sight. I kinda got pissed. This is kind of why Christmas is just so damn tiresome to me; we start the celebrations too early! I know that it’s to drum up revenue and whatever, but given that Thanksgiving through Christmas (and, hell, add New Year’s onto that block of time) is going to be this gigantic chunk of celebrating and semi-awkward family reunions and compulsions to buy things for people that you are not so fond of, I’d like a bit of a breather between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Just…give me a week where there are no decorations, of any kind, and after that, at least a few days for Thanksgiving turkey stuff. And then deck the shit out of your halls for Black Friday so you can guilt-trip your customers into buying stuff for Christmas, like you wanted to in the first place. I dunno, I feel that seeing all these goddamn jingle bells so early kind of numbs me by the time I go shopping for gifts. There is no magic, there is only shopping.

Thanksgiving is not without its own controversy, of course. Just as Christmas has the “coming too early every year”-thing, Thanksgiving has the “we’re celebrating genocide, pretty much” reputation, though not to the extent of Columbus Day. Still, you’ll find people going “Why should we celebrate Thanksgiving? The Pilgrims eventually killed all of the people they shared a table with, despite the fact that the Native Americans were the ones who basically fed them that winter!” I can’t blame them; it’s the soundest of arguments. The truth has that particular attribute. At the same time, people aren’t going to care so long as they get a break from things to eat their weight in mashed potatoes. It’s a strange, prescribed holiday and normally, I’d go about my day as usual, but I am not a machine. Yes, the reason behind the season is tragedy, but I need a break! I will acknowledge everything about the hoilday but, really, the only things that I’m celebrating are that there is no class for a few more days, I will be hanging out with my friends for the most part, and that I’m going to be attempting to make a marbled pudding pie. And there you go.

Anguish if you want. Eschew the holiday, if that is what you so desire. I’ll keep the past in mind but that changes nothing here, in the present. All I can do is keep going and prevent such actions from having an encore in the not-too-distant future.


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