So, it’s that time of year again…

Why does everyone procrastinate in college? Seriously. I have two exams, a lab report, homework, and then there’s that other lab report that is supposed to summarize the entirety of my research this semester.

Actually, that last one’s not that bad; I’m sure I can turn it in next week during finals and stuff. And, really, my pithy little research report is nothing compared to my grad student’s. She has to summarize five years worth of her life into an hour and then defend it! I’m nowhere close to that. Yet.

But yes. This weekend has pretty much run away from me. It was Friday and I blinked. Suddenly, it’s Monday and I’m thinking to myself “Well, crap, I just forgot to update my blog in all that commotion.” And whoo, boy. “Commotion” is certainly one way to describe it.

So, Friday was the day of my club’s semester event, the thing that we had been working towards so feverishly and planned out during every single weekly meeting that we had had so far. Thankfully, I got the chance to go out and have dinner with a couple friends afterwards. I swear, I was so busy running one of the games that I didn’t even have a chance to have some of Annie’s Okinawan dango or even a rice ball! It was crazy!! So it was nice to have that dinner as a bit of a post-event celebration. Sipping beer, chatting the breeze, unwinding after a long, stressful week…I rather liked it.

The next day was work as usual at The Grove and the beginning of students with too much meal plan coming to the realization that they have only a week at the most to get rid of about $300 meal plan dollars. I would have encouraged them to buy me groceries because, hey, why not, but I’m too polite to persist. It’s easy to be polite when you’re a bit of a coward. Also, they would have probably assumed I was joking, which is about half-right. But yeah, work came and went without a hitch. I think I only have one more week left in order for me to earn 100% of my work-study, which isn’t bad. Last semester, I think I ended up working right up until Finals Week, so taking on more hours went well. Shall I do it again next semester? Probably on a day that works better for me, sure. I kind of felt like I was stretching myself a bit too thinly this semester.

Sunday was a lot more relaxed, despite studying for my two midterms. It’s funny how I call them “midterms” when they’re on the last week of class. But yeah, spent the day per usual. In the lab from morning ’til night and then, unlike the usual, I went to see Scott Pilgrim at my friend’s place. Caitlin’s such a sweetie; she even made pasta with tofu and sauce. I provided a quarter-pound of Tootsie Rolls as dessert. I figured it was the least I could do, considering her hospitality. We ended up shooting the shit for a few hours after the movie, which has made me realize just how much I like talking when I’m stressed. I dunno, some people may claim that I’m always vocal, but I find that I’m more of a Chatty Cathy whenever something’s bothering me or, y’know, finals are right around the corner.

And then there’s today. I’m not sure if it’s the cool morning air or if it’s because Winter Break is so close that I can literally taste it, but I’m feeling strangely reinvigorated. Hell, it might just be because of the guest lecturer that came on Thursday, Dr. Sarah Keller. I got to have lunch with her along with one of my classmates and I’m not sure I was good company or not. I just remember feeling a bit down on myself for that embarrassing journal update the night before and thinking “Maybe I’m not cut out for biochemistry but I’ve already spent so much time on my major, just what the hell am I doing here?”

Yeah. Heavy stuff, yo.

But as the luncheon went on and Dr. Keller was sharing her own journey to where she was, I started feeling a bit better. She even gave me some advice for graduate school, which is always appreciated. I mean, my advisor is just a font of knowledge, but it’s always a bit too big picture, leaving the details for me to figure it out somehow. I’m just left there, at Point A, and over on the horizon is Point B, but the path is a bit murky, mired in fog. I suppose it’s because I’m a bit of a cautious person, but I was almost afraid of moving forward. But now, even if I do end up delaying my entry into graduate studies (which is less of a possibility and more of an eventuality, really), I have more of an idea of what to do.

So, taking stock of myself now: I think I’m ready for Break. Am I gonna relax right now? Nah, not yet. But soon.


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