Midweek drabbles, or that’ll be me within the decade…

Hopefully, anyway.

But, yeah, I’ve got nothing. Again. It’s the week before finals and I’m just feeling all sorts of drained. On top of that, my schedule has been opening up; seems like my professors are feeling the drain, too. We’re almost out though! I can just taste the free time I’ll have…and then promptly waste on RuneScape.

So, what have I been up to today? Well, there was that Biophysical midterm early this morning. I think I did well, though I had completely forgotten to add something about the quantum numbers onto my notecard. Seriously, two sides and I still only ever have just enough room! But I felt alright for 70% of the exam; I’m just focusing on passing at this point. I had a bit of a shaky beginning, but I’m gonna pull through, I think.

And then, the main event: my grad student’s thesis presentation and defense. I was tweeting the ever-loving crap out of it…or trying to. Again, I have lost my iPod touch so I was pecking at my laptop’s keyboard, trying to be discreet and quiet. I mean, I was sitting all the way in the back with one of my labmates (who, incidentally, was also on their laptop) so I think I was alright. It was just a little odd sitting there, Tumblr on my screen, trying to scroll down and entertain myself while being painfully aware that, surprise, surprise, my Biophysical professor was sitting not one seat away from me. Seriously. Talk about awkward.

So, after the presentation, everyone who wasn’t either the candidate or part of the committee had to leave. That left my two undergraduate labmates and myself with quite a bit of time to lollygag in the room where the reception was going to be. We hung out for an hour or so, just chatting away. I seem to do that a lot more these days, chat and while away my time.

…And I lied; I’m writing this during my club meeting, while we’re folding cranes and stuff and y’know what? Inspiration strikes.

The distance could be centimeters,
but I’ve never felt so far away.

A crooked crane, wings askew,
perfectly describes me and you.
And yet
the Fates deem me fit to remain.

Yet away, so far away.
(But not out of sight

Another crane, crooked.
Can there be no happy ending?

You are alight on someone’s shoulder,
chittering into their ear,
laughing and singing,
ever so glad.
Why do I bother
chittering too?
I chitter not
only squawk, indignant.

Yet another crane askew.
What does this mean for me and you?


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