Finals, finals, finals will make you go insane…

Good morning and happy…Monday? Oops. It seems that Sunday ran away from me, what with all of the fro-yo and then getting to help out for the Faraday Lecture. Shoot, the entire weekend ran away from me; I had been planning to go and watch Rise of the Guardians either Friday or Sunday, but I think I’ll have to reschedule it to later today after my first final. And why not? Public transportation’s always a bit of an adventure.

But, my goodness. Finals Week already? It’s rather hard to believe. Or is it just what everyone else had been warning me about since before I came to college? “Enjoy every bit of it ’cause it’s going to go by fast.” I’m starting to think so because I can distinctly remember just how slow and plodding my freshman year went by. Relatively speaking, my senior year is just zooming by! The scariest thought right now seems to be how, in just five more months, I’m going to graduate. I’d better prepare myself for what comes afterwards.

But before that, finals. This week is going to be a bit of a doozy. Cheers!


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