Midweek drabbles, or “damn, that’s a lot of haiku”…

I like fruit. You like
fruit. It just so happens that
I am a green fruit.

I imagine you
as a small, tart blueberry.
Mind if I eat you?

Am I a man? Well,
does that really matter, love?
Let me surprise you.

You seem listless, drained.
Is there anything I can
do to ease your pain?

How about some math?
Dinner, your favorite film,
a couch, you, and me.

I ask not for things,
as “things” are not permanent.
Just…understand me.

Getting addicted
to writing haiku; why can’t
I read them to you?

I don’t have to see
you in order to get lost,
consumed utterly.

I prostrate myself,
completely at your mercy.
You only smile.

I kind of wish that
you weren’t so damn feminine.
But, fine, whatever.

As I sip my wine,
I think of all the things that
I could say. I don’t.

I wonder…does it
brighten your day when I say
just a simple “Hey”?

Honestly, you do
motivate me to work out,
eat better. So, thanks.

Please, don’t tell me that
you feel like offing yourself
when you’re far away.

You seem to be cold.
Let me get close enough to
change that, warm you up.

Can reciprocals
Come together and negate
each other at all?

Karmic vampire.
If it makes your day brighter,
then take it all, love.

A suit would suit you,
of that I am certain. But
I have yet to see it.

How many haiku
will it take to say “Hey, there”?
Twenty, and counting…

Is it weird that I
can see us together with
a pet cat, happy?
[Funny thing about this post; I actually wrote it down sometime in September, if you can believe it. I found it saved in my Drafts folder and when I reread it, I couldn’t help but chuckle. There are a lot of outdated and obsolete feelings, sure, but this is how I actually felt at that time. Flash-forward to now and I just don’t feel the same, y’know? I find it rather insightful, though.

And then I added a few more haiku, lest I feel guilty for taking a bit of the cop out approach. Again. No worries; I should be done with Finals Week soon!]

Is it weird that I
can’t see us as a thing but
wouldn’t mind it so?

It’s no surprise that
the river has flooded out;
I just broke the dam.

I am quite polite,
quiet, smiling. Is this how
we must be? I guess.


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