It had quite a punch for something that’s touted as being mini…

So, I’m officially on break and not a minute too soon! To be honest, I was getting rather close to losing sight of just why in the world I’m working towards my bachelor’s in the first place. Needless to say I’m enjoying the ever-loving crap out of my time off. And what better way to kick off Winter Break than by going to a mini-con?

Maybe I shouldn’t call it “mini”, despite a few con-goers’ reactions to the fact that it was smaller than the full convention held in the summer. I may not have been able to have gone to the “big” con, but there were a LOT more things that I was expecting! Then again, I suppose I wasn’t expecting much in the way of things that actually interest me. Given that I only ever heard about this con from someone whose interests are more towards the realm of superheroes and comic books, I’ll admit that I had sort of written this event off as something interesting but with nothing to interest me.

Clearly, not the case.

My interests lie more in the anime and manga sub-culture that seems to overlap with the comic book scene at times. Don’t get me wrong, I know a bit about the X-Men and I loved Thor and The Avengers. And you know what? There was plenty of stuff for me at the mini-con! I chanced upon a booth that had Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic card singles, I got two little Chocobo plushies for a song, and I even managed to make it early enough to get a free copy of Avengers vs. X-Men. All in all, a lovely Sunday with some friends. Why can’t all cons be like this?


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