Midweek drabbles, or here! Have some fiction!

    “Damn,” Alice swore under her breath. She then mentally chastised herself; she was back in the apartment, after all, and Karen didn’t like it when she used curse words. So Alice was more than careful when using them, at least back home; she made sure to swear all she liked when she was in her laboratory and in the lecture hall, much to her students’ amusement. “Honey, I got the groceries you wanted!”
    “Oh, yay!” A crystalline voice came from the bedroom, followed soon after by the appearance of a blonde woman, all smiles as she beheld her lover. Karen rushed over to where Alice was shedding her coat and picked up a few of the bags that were on the floor. She then, rather than make for the kitchen to put away the perishables, cocked an eyebrow at the tall brunette. “You alright there?”
    “What?” Alice stopped rolling her shoulders, a motion that had become a sort of habit more so these days. The aches were probably due to her increased lab work; Alice had a deadline to meet soon and, rather than do the sensible thing and delegate the work to one of her various underlings, she had decided to run the experiment herself. She had figured that it would be good for her to actually do something in the lab for once, to get in there and tinker around with the chemicals and the instruments much like she used to back in her undergraduate days. Unfortunately for the thirty-five year old, she wasn’t as spry as she used to be. Sure, Alice was still the spitting image of fitness; much of that was due to her better half. But the delicate actions of her work, along with the usual stresses of giving lectures, grading papers, and writing grant proposals, was certainly taking it’s toll. But she couldn’t tell that to Karen, now could she? “I’m fine, love.”
    Karen looked unconvinced, but said nothing. She leaned in to give Alice a quick peck on the cheek. Lifting the bags, she headed towards the kitchen. “Just bring them over to the kitchen, hun. I’ll put everything away so you can get comfortable.”
    “You sure?”
    “Yeah!” The voice in the steel-encrusted kitchen rang out, “And I don’t want to see you on the desk grading papers! There’s plenty of time for that later!”
    Alice chuckled. “Never crossed my mind.” She took off her shoes and hung her coat on the rack near the door. The wooden rack was Karen’s idea; at first, Alice had wrinkled her nose at it, seeing it as just a bit old fashioned in this tastefully modern house, but she just couldn’t deny Karen. Ever. Her impossibly blue eyes, her intoxicating smile…Alice couldn’t help but sigh happily.
    “Hm?” Karen, catching the sigh escaping her lover, raised an eyebrow again. Alice snapped back to reality, smiling and shaking her head. She then crossed to where Karen was standing with the loaf of bread in her hands and, taking her by the hips, gave her a slow, sweet kiss. Karen returned it with more than enough sweetness of her own before cutting Alice off gently. “Change first. Get nice and comfy. Then we’ll see what to do with you…”
    “Oh, you tease, milady. But how I love it so!” They both laughed. Alice deposited the last of the groceries onto the table and finally made her way to the bedroom they shared. It was fairly spacious for an apartment; their salaries combined were more than enough to afford the rent in this almost-palace of a place. It was a two bedroom, one bath set-up with the second, smaller bedroom converted into a study that they both shared. Alice’s tastes could be seen everywhere in the study, the obligatory professorial mahogany present in spades. But Karen dominated just how the bedroom would look; she had insisted on the big bed, the cherrywood with an ebony finish for the furniture. Thankfully, the two had very similar tastes to begin with, so the decor was hardly a point for contention. It just meant that, should the worst come to worse and storm clouds were on the horizon on a particular day, Karen would head into the bedroom while Alice would set up camp in the den. It happens to the best of married couples.
    Alice headed into the bedroom and shut the door before gratefully shedding her shirt and pants. She padded over to the dresser on stockinged feet and pulled out her usual pajamas, an old, oversized T-shirt and a pair of black basketball shorts. She then stepped back out (after putting her dirty clothes in the hamper, of course, as she was the stickler in that arena) and went to the bathroom to rid herself of her contact lenses. While Karen had raised the point about just getting Lasik and being done with the little pieces of plastic, Alice had made noncomittal noises and promises to look into it. There was a note about getting that done sometime within the year somewhere in her planner maybe. Alice wasn’t quite sure.
    Just as Alice finished washing up, she caught a whiff of meatloaf. “Ohhh,” Alice strode into the kitchen just in time to see Karen bent over, checking on the source of that wonderful aroma. Her face was just a bit flushed, most likely from the dry heat coming from the innards of the oven, but Alice couldn’t help sidling up beside the shorter woman and kissing her again. “All that for me?” She loved how her murmurring into Karen’s ears sent a shiver up her spine and made her arch back into her embrace.
    “Not all of it,” Karen teased the brunette. “Gotta save room for dessert.” She motioned towards the refrigerator, which couldn’t help but pique Alice’s curiousity. When she strode over and opened the door, she was greeted with the sight of a cherry-topped cheesecake that looked just like the ones her mom used to make. Karen added, “Finally got the recipe from your mom. I think she’s finally cool with it.”
    “You think?” Alice turned back to the blonde, who was smiling serenely. “Wow…well. Now we definitely have to have her over one of these days.” They both laughed and then headed to the table.


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