Midweek drabbles, or drabbles, indeed!

But not really. I’ve gotta tell ya, it’s only halfway past the second week of the new semester and everything’s already picking up. Not that I mind it in the least; being busy is almost always better than being idle for me. It’s not like I didn’t have anything to do during Winter Break, but I certainly missed hanging out with everyone.

Anyway, there’s not much to say other than I’ve already decided on someone for my biography project for PACS 3, I’m still doing research (though it’s admittedly taken a bit of a backseat so far), and having two classes that are basically the same thing has not yet proven to be utterly detrimental. Again, the key word is “yet”. I do love my Biochem Lab course because it’s pretty much research only with way more handholding and less freedom of movement. Seriously, there are about twenty-four people in there and only six micropipettes.

Crowded conditions aside, everything’s been going well. Already finished one pay period, which is weird. You know when you first go to college and the upperclassmen all tell you something to the tune of “Treasure your time here! It’s gonna go by fast!” but you just laugh at them because they’re old(er) and must be joking? They’re not. They’re not and it’s very, very unnerving. Three and a half months left, y’all. That’s no joke.

I’m trying to keep myself writing. I’m not writing poetry, but this is really a “drabble” in the sense that I’m actually timing myself and just writing whatever comes to mind. It’s nice, relaxing, but it usually ends up with me writing about writing as opposed to writing something substantial. It’s actually been awhile since I’ve written anything like a haiku or even a quartet. Doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking about it; I’m just moving too fast to take a minute and write it down. But oh well.

So what else has been going on? Not much. Clubs have, of course, started back in in earnest now, with Matsuri-Japan having their usual meeting at night. At least it’s not as bad as last semester, where I had a class at 8 am the next day, so I can stay up relatively late and just wake up at 7 or so in the morning. Any later and I tend to feel a bit groggy. 

What else? I started playing a new game called Elsword. I had my initial misgivings but they were quickly dispelled once I started actually playing. Sometimes the servers are too busy, but at least I can make use of my gamepad, something I haven’t encountered too often in free MMOs so far. While I can create multiple characters (and, really, I most likely will), I’m focusing everything I’ve got into Raven, the broody swordsman with a mechanical arm. So, each character has two paths they can travel down in terms of skills once you reach a certain level and complete the quests to unlock one or the other. Raven being Raven, you can either focus on a build that makes use of your Nasod arm as an Over Taker or you can choose to emphasize your swordplay combos and become a Sword Taker. I had no idea what either of these classes did and, frankly, I’m not interested in making the “best” build. I went down the path of the Sword Taker mainly because I liked Raven’s hair in that character design, sleek with a spiked fringe. From what I’ve read on forums online, Raven’s Reckless Fist (the master class after Over Taker) is more powerful in terms of skills while Blade Master (which would be the master class for Sword Taker) is okay, but you need to know your combos cold. While button-mashing does seem to work, you won’t be able to unleash hell on your foes if you can’t execute combo chains effectively. I’m usually not one for playing fighting games strategically, but I find that Elsword makes it really easy to learn what works and what doesn’t. Now I’m just wondering if it’s enough to actually beat other people in the PvP Arenas. Might as well try it, right?

I’ve been on a bit of a gaming kick as of late, something that I had not realized the extent of until I scoured my computer and rediscovered the HP Game Console. Now, WildTangent doesn’t have many games that I actually like but it does have Fate: Undiscovered Realms, a dungeon-crawling RPG that I find myself comparing to Diablo. I had forgotten that I still had a free trial of that and I had played Fate before, made a character and everything but just forgot it because I had the Internet. So, I was playing for a bit and found myself getting sad as the time for me to stop playing because you know what? I got some pretty good gear while fishing! Screw going into the dungeon; I died twice while taking on some mobs with super-powered mini-bosses and didn’t really get much in the way of gold and gear for my trouble. Maybe that’s because I was a textbook good guy and returned it to the people who had asked me to go down there and retrieve it for them as a quest. But yeah, fishing. Those fish sold for a lot; all of my catch plus the two artifacts that I chose not to keep (I was playing a Sword and Shield-based character and I had found a light crossbow and a shield that was slightly shittier than the one I had equipped) got me enough gold to not only enchant my equipment but to buy six Healing Charms (equivalent to 48 large Health Potions). But it doesn’t even matter, as I’ve used up my free trial already and I’m not looking to buy the full version at the moment. I’ve got more than enough games that I’ve yet to finish, thank you!

Crap, it’s already Thursday. This should be enough ’til Sunday, right? Right. See ya!


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