What am I even doing here…

Hi! My name is Arlen and this here is my blog. It’s just your standard blog; the posts are lengthy, the opinions expressed are my own, and, really, I’m just here because I can be.

I’m a student working towards my Bachelor’s in Biochemistry, so expect to hear quite a bit of that. I happen to like many things and will write profusely on the things that interest me the most. I write in general, mostly as a way to just chill. So the format of this “project” (I guess? This was all rather spontaneous to begin with…) is that on Sundays, I’ll write the really lengthy posts and on Wednesdays I get to publish some little tidbits that I happened to scribble on the margins of my notes. Obviously, this is to deter my urge to just write instead of doing homework; I find that having some kind of structure helps.

So, yeah. Not sure how you found your way here, but sit back and enjoy what goes on in my mind.


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